Application sectors


    Aeronautical sector is one of our largest markets. This is why we developed a complete range of tools adapted to the requirements and constraints which presents this industrial segment.

    For example, tapered drills reamers for composite or aluminium, tapered drills reamers countersinks or countersinks associated to our microstop drill cages are particularly suited for manual drillings and countersinking (with PNEUMAT-brand pneumatic screwdrivers 93 CCP Series).

    The very high requirements of the aeronautics in term of productivity and efficiency urged us to develop also special mills for HSC (high-speed-cutting) machining in aluminum. These tools are referenced at the biggest contractor of sector (AIRBUS, DASSAULT aviation, AÉROLIA, ...).


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    In front of high requirements and the constant evolving of this sector, we had to develop well suited tools to any field of the machining (drilling, bore, milling).

    Thanks to years of experience in the automobile, we can now propose adapted tools to the constraints of this sector: wide range of materials to be machined, thight machining tolerances, optimization of tools life (appropriate choice of carbide grade and coating, control of cutting conditions).

    Applications examples :

    We are present amongst main subcontractors of automotive sector, as well in France as abroad (England, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, China, ...).

    Mechanical engineering

    Special tools manufacturing (on request, on plan or with comprehensive case study) represents about 70 % of our activity.

    Our tools are designed to suit the requirements of a wide range of applications of roughing machining of raw parts  sketch to high-quality precision mechanics. They are effectively used across a wide spectrum of industries (POS materials, medical sector, competitive sport or the other niche sectors).

    Our main standard and special tools :

    Our collaboration with our suppliers allows us to propose always the best carbide grade and coating for your tools.