Cutting tools dept. presentation

    FFDM PNEUMAT company through its MCT (mechanical cutting tools) department designs, machines and markets  solid carbide cutting tools under the brand name THOMAS for 50 years.

    Present in all the great principals and their sub-contractors of aerospace, automobile and industrial markets and with our technical know-how and our long standing experience, we can propose you diverse solutions for HSC (high-speed-cutting) machining in aluminum, machining of Titanium and other hard metals or still countour milling and drilling of composite materials (simple, sandwich, honey comb).

    R&D - Engineering department

    Our engineering department is essential in order to design new product.

    Our team of experimented technicians is at your disposal to propose you the tool adapted to your requirements :

    Please do not hesitate to contact us or simply fill in our contact form Special tools : request for quotation.

    Quality controls

    Our quality department is there to control and validate tools that you order.

    Regular controls by sampling (or one by one, according to request) are made throughout the manufacturing chain of the tool.